About US

Alo.Company LLC  has a long time operation in prodiving IT and telecom services for resellers in USA who serve customers in USA to call Viet Nam.

We have decided to release phone service to end users to provide low-cost and high quality to users.

Alo247.COM is a service of Alo.Company LLC. It's a long distant telephony service that meets international phone service standards. 

The advaneced features of the phone service as follows:

  Crystal clear voice
  Reliable billing, no hidden fees 
  No need to change telephone provider (or your telco) 
  Call to all countries, including USA and Canada
  Support Speed dial, just press 1 or 2 or 3,.. to connect.
  One PIN-less account can be shared to many users
  Support up to 10 direct-dial, like you call a person in US.
Please call us right now to enjoy our advanced services.
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